Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Backlinks and Enjoy Personalized Story of Your self!

Hi, I am nine years old and I am writing this post to invite everyone to become my blog follower. I enjoy writing stories and I would love to write a creative story about you and link it to your suggested web page. Leave me a comment on this post that you have become a follower. I will then research you and make up a funny, interesting or scary story about you. You can view the below posts to get a good idea about what I am saying. My mom said this is a good thing for you because it gives you backlinks to your websites and webpages. Plus you get to enjoy reading my stories!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I won $1,000,000

Once upon a time there was a man named Sam. Sam woke up and saw the clock.Sam realized that he was late to work. He got dressed, took a muffin his wife had made, gave a kiss goodbye and Sam headed off to work.On the way to work his car broke down. Luckily his friend saw that Sam was in trouble so he got a ride to work. When Sam got to work his boss asked why he was so late.Sam told his boss what had happened. His boss wasn't mad. Later on that day his boss thought that Sam deserved a promotion. So Sam's boss headed over to tell Sam that he got a promotion.When Sam heard that he got a promotion he was so excited. At the end of the day he came home and told his wife.Later on that day Sam and his wife went out to dinner.When Sam and his wife got done with dinner, Sam told is wife about his heart disease when he was a little boy. His wife was amazed that Sam had not told her that be for.The next day when Sam was grocery shopping Sam decided that he could buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win $1,000,000.When Sam got home he put the groceries on the table and put his groceries in the fridge.On Wednesday the raffle ticket people called Sam's cell and told him that he had won $1,000,000.Sam and his wife had 2 kids and lived happily ever after. THE END

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Proposal on stage in the Bahamas!

Once there lived a beautiful girl who had a boyfriend named Mike. The pretty girl's name was Alicia. She lived in the Bahamas. She loved the blue sea water and wonderful weather. Everyday Alicia would walk down and enjoy the beach. She really loved her life.

One day Alicia and Mike went on a date to an elegant restaraunt in the Bahamas. When Alicia and Mike arrived at the restaraunt, they saw a stage for entertainment purposes. Mike thought that this would be a nice time to propose marriage to Alicia using the stage. When he got to the stage he sang Alicia a song and then ask her to marry him. At first she was in such shock, she didn't know what to say. She then came to her senses and said "Of course Mike, I will marry you!"

Three years later, Alicia had two kids and a dog. They also lived in a beautiful beach house with a great view of the Bahamas!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gloria Hutson- The Artist!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Gloria. She always wanted to be an artist and also had the talent for it too. There was one problem though, she did not want anyone to see her beautiful work.

Gloria was scared that people would not like her work and they would make fun of it. Her parents tried and tried to tell her that whoever did not like her pictures was blind. She was still afraid to share her art work.

At school when Gloria was lining up for lunch, a girl grabbed her notebook and saw all of Gloria's pictures. When the girl was all done admiring the pictures, she handed the notebook to the teacher.

The teacher was amazed by Gloria's work. She went up to Gloria and told her she was a young artist and gave her art book back to her. Gloria's Teacher offered her a professional job as an artist. Gloria said "No", "Well why not?" the teacher asked. "I am afraid that people will make fun of my pictures" stated Gloria. "You will still have great pictures and it doesn't matter if others don't like them, you will be a great artist". Gloria looked at her teacher with a big smile and said "Thanks Mrs. Sunshine, that helped me a lot and what about that job again?"

The End
View Gloria's Missouri Family Blog!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Opposite of Scary Story! The Leprechaun and Slee!

A happy story that is not scary is what this blog post will be about. This story is dedicated to Slee. He is the owner of the ascending wizard blog. Thanks Slee for visiting and following my blog.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Slee. He became very lucky and fortunate in life. On St. Patricks Day, Slee woke up to a Leprechaun sitting on his head. The Leprechaun was very small and cute. "Well Good Morning my friend", the Leprechaun said to Slee.

Slee was completely surprised to see a real Leprechaun sitting on his head. As Slee jumped up with excitement, the Leprechaun jumped briskly acrossed the room. "Hi Mr. Leprechaun, what are you doing in my bedroom?" "I was sent here from Leprechaunville to challenge you." "If you can catch me, you can have all of our gold that is at Leprechaunville," said the small Leprechaun.

Rubbing his eyes and making sure he was really awake and not dreaming, Slee felt so fortunate and quickly agreed to the challenge to catch the little green leprechaun. "I can catch you right now" said Slee. As he grabbed for the Leprachaun, the fast little leprechaun jumped out the window and was gone faster than Slee could blink his eyes. Slee quikly got dressed and rushed outside to plan his search for Bob, the leprechaun.

The Day was bright and sunny with a few sprinkles which meant one thing to Slee, "there is a rainbow somewhere." There was actually three rainbows for Slee to find Leprechaunville. Slee's lucky number had always been number 1. Therefore, Slee followed the first rainbow to the other side and there was a letter in an envelope. He opened the envelope that had a four leaf clover stamped on it. The letter was addressed to Slee. It said "I will give you a hint, I am nowhere in Leprechaunville."

Slee followed the 2nd rainbow and at the very end of the rainbow, there was fairyland. Fairyland was a land full of fairys. Slee even met the tooth fairy at fairyland. There was fairy princesses, tooth fairies, wish fairies and Gold fairies. He never found the leprechaun at fairyland. Off to the third rainbow Slee went.

At the end of the third rainbow, was Sealand. Slee saw the king of Octopuses, the queen of mermaids, the princess of starfish and the prince of sharks. There was no sign of Bob the leprechaun. "Where do I look now?" Slee asked himself. "I know, The hill of Shamrocks is where I will go to find that mean old leprechaun."

At the Hill of Shamrocks, Slee looked on the biggest four leaf clover that he could find. Hiding behind the four leaf clover, was Bob the leprechaun. Slee slowly snuck up behind Bob and grabbed him firmly. "I caught you." The Leprechaun struggled with all of his might to get away, but Slee locked him in a cage. Slee told the Leprechaun, "I won, can you give me my gold now?"
Yes indeed I will, you won fair in square. Take this certificate to Leprechaunville and they will give you their gold.

Slee lived happily ever after and never had to work again or worry about bills to pay.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Scary Stories!

                                          Hi,I am going to tell you guys a short scary story.
Once upon a time there were three teens, two were boys and one was a girl. Their names were Jess, Sean and Brenda.One day they all went to go camping it was called Wood Lakers. There was a legend about this camping spot. The legend was that over 5,000 people went to Wood Lakers and they all gone missing. They never knew what happened to them. The towns people sent a helicopter, 10 guys and two trucks full of weapons but they all died too. So Brenda, Jess and Sean set some traps all around their tent so that no one could kill them. When Brenda and Sean woke up they saw Jesse's body laying on the tent dead so Brenda kept trying to get signal on her cell phone but it kept dieing on her. Sean pushed some of the traps out with a stick so that they could go out of Woodlakers.  When Brenda looked out of the tent, Sean got caught in the trap on accident. Brenda tripped on Sean and fell face forward on one of the traps. Her head got chopped off and she died. Sean had to pull his leg out off the trap and drag his self out of Wood lakers.

17 years later Sean got a nice job, he got mairred and had 5 kids. He never returned to Wood Lakers.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sabrina's Story

Hi My name is Sabrina Frost. I am Tammy Frost's Daughter. My mom made this blog for me so that I can type whatever I want. I want to share with everyone different and interesting stories. I am 9 years old. Today I want to make up some stories to tell you guys. This story is going to be about a little girl that dreams to be a proffessional ice skater.This girls name is Nataily. I am not a proffessioal so do not expect it to be fabulous everyone.

Once upon a time there was a littel girl named Nataliy.Natalily dreamed to be a proffessioal ice skater.She had beautiful blonde hair. But the problem was that Nataliy's famaly was to poor to afford ice skating lessons. So Nataliy ran to her friends house to ask if her friend Alex can come outside to play in the park. Nataliy told Alex what her parents told her. Alex said "why don't you just find a job"? Thats it, I will get a job said Nataily.Wait here she said. Nataliy ran to her parents and told them that she wants to get a job. Her parents said you are to young to get a job. What do you mean? said Nataliy. I mean that you need to be 16.You do?asked Nataliy. Yes said her parents. Nataliy ran back to the park. She said to Alex my mom said that I have to be 16 to have a job. That is a stupid rule Alex said.We should sue the president he said. Stop I am trying to think she said. WE CAN BUILD A LEMONAID STAND.Yeah BUT STOP YELLING. I also want to sell icecream cones at are lemonaid stand, said Nataliy.