Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Proposal on stage in the Bahamas!

Once there lived a beautiful girl who had a boyfriend named Mike. The pretty girl's name was Alicia. She lived in the Bahamas. She loved the blue sea water and wonderful weather. Everyday Alicia would walk down and enjoy the beach. She really loved her life.

One day Alicia and Mike went on a date to an elegant restaraunt in the Bahamas. When Alicia and Mike arrived at the restaraunt, they saw a stage for entertainment purposes. Mike thought that this would be a nice time to propose marriage to Alicia using the stage. When he got to the stage he sang Alicia a song and then ask her to marry him. At first she was in such shock, she didn't know what to say. She then came to her senses and said "Of course Mike, I will marry you!"

Three years later, Alicia had two kids and a dog. They also lived in a beautiful beach house with a great view of the Bahamas!


  1. Nice story. Let's go to the Bahamas to visit the happy family.

  2. I just got around to seeing this. I am so tickled right now.