Saturday, March 27, 2010

Opposite of Scary Story! The Leprechaun and Slee!

A happy story that is not scary is what this blog post will be about. This story is dedicated to Slee. He is the owner of the ascending wizard blog. Thanks Slee for visiting and following my blog.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Slee. He became very lucky and fortunate in life. On St. Patricks Day, Slee woke up to a Leprechaun sitting on his head. The Leprechaun was very small and cute. "Well Good Morning my friend", the Leprechaun said to Slee.

Slee was completely surprised to see a real Leprechaun sitting on his head. As Slee jumped up with excitement, the Leprechaun jumped briskly acrossed the room. "Hi Mr. Leprechaun, what are you doing in my bedroom?" "I was sent here from Leprechaunville to challenge you." "If you can catch me, you can have all of our gold that is at Leprechaunville," said the small Leprechaun.

Rubbing his eyes and making sure he was really awake and not dreaming, Slee felt so fortunate and quickly agreed to the challenge to catch the little green leprechaun. "I can catch you right now" said Slee. As he grabbed for the Leprachaun, the fast little leprechaun jumped out the window and was gone faster than Slee could blink his eyes. Slee quikly got dressed and rushed outside to plan his search for Bob, the leprechaun.

The Day was bright and sunny with a few sprinkles which meant one thing to Slee, "there is a rainbow somewhere." There was actually three rainbows for Slee to find Leprechaunville. Slee's lucky number had always been number 1. Therefore, Slee followed the first rainbow to the other side and there was a letter in an envelope. He opened the envelope that had a four leaf clover stamped on it. The letter was addressed to Slee. It said "I will give you a hint, I am nowhere in Leprechaunville."

Slee followed the 2nd rainbow and at the very end of the rainbow, there was fairyland. Fairyland was a land full of fairys. Slee even met the tooth fairy at fairyland. There was fairy princesses, tooth fairies, wish fairies and Gold fairies. He never found the leprechaun at fairyland. Off to the third rainbow Slee went.

At the end of the third rainbow, was Sealand. Slee saw the king of Octopuses, the queen of mermaids, the princess of starfish and the prince of sharks. There was no sign of Bob the leprechaun. "Where do I look now?" Slee asked himself. "I know, The hill of Shamrocks is where I will go to find that mean old leprechaun."

At the Hill of Shamrocks, Slee looked on the biggest four leaf clover that he could find. Hiding behind the four leaf clover, was Bob the leprechaun. Slee slowly snuck up behind Bob and grabbed him firmly. "I caught you." The Leprechaun struggled with all of his might to get away, but Slee locked him in a cage. Slee told the Leprechaun, "I won, can you give me my gold now?"
Yes indeed I will, you won fair in square. Take this certificate to Leprechaunville and they will give you their gold.

Slee lived happily ever after and never had to work again or worry about bills to pay.


  1. Hello Sabrina:
    Thank you for writing about me, and no thank you for making the picture of my face bigger. Also, no thank you to seeing the butt of the leprechaun on a picture. That is really ewwwwwwwwwww. I almost gagged on my ice cream. Mmmmmmmmmmm I love ice cream.

    As for the story, I enjoyed reading it twice. It was good. It was fun to read. I'm glad you wrote it. I <3 gold.

  2. I typed, I <3 gold. <3 is a way to type in a picture of a heart. It only works on certain websites.

  3. I like this story, Sabrina. I will come back from time to time and read more. It is good to meet you and I will put a link to your blog on my blog.

  4. I'm glad you joined, Gloria. Well, sort of. With you now Sabrina has more followers than I do. lol 2x