Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sabrina's Story

Hi My name is Sabrina Frost. I am Tammy Frost's Daughter. My mom made this blog for me so that I can type whatever I want. I want to share with everyone different and interesting stories. I am 9 years old. Today I want to make up some stories to tell you guys. This story is going to be about a little girl that dreams to be a proffessional ice skater.This girls name is Nataily. I am not a proffessioal so do not expect it to be fabulous everyone.

Once upon a time there was a littel girl named Nataliy.Natalily dreamed to be a proffessioal ice skater.She had beautiful blonde hair. But the problem was that Nataliy's famaly was to poor to afford ice skating lessons. So Nataliy ran to her friends house to ask if her friend Alex can come outside to play in the park. Nataliy told Alex what her parents told her. Alex said "why don't you just find a job"? Thats it, I will get a job said Nataily.Wait here she said. Nataliy ran to her parents and told them that she wants to get a job. Her parents said you are to young to get a job. What do you mean? said Nataliy. I mean that you need to be 16.You do?asked Nataliy. Yes said her parents. Nataliy ran back to the park. She said to Alex my mom said that I have to be 16 to have a job. That is a stupid rule Alex said.We should sue the president he said. Stop I am trying to think she said. WE CAN BUILD A LEMONAID STAND.Yeah BUT STOP YELLING. I also want to sell icecream cones at are lemonaid stand, said Nataliy.


  1. It is nice to meet you, Sabrina, I am following your blog now. My name is Gloria Hutson and I write articles on ehow and have three blogs of my own. Keep up the good work. I will be back to read more of your stories. Tell your mom I said hi. She is a good mom to set this blog up for you.

  2. Nice blog Sabrina. I am sure that your mom is so proud of you.