Monday, January 4, 2010

Scary Stories!

                                          Hi,I am going to tell you guys a short scary story.
Once upon a time there were three teens, two were boys and one was a girl. Their names were Jess, Sean and Brenda.One day they all went to go camping it was called Wood Lakers. There was a legend about this camping spot. The legend was that over 5,000 people went to Wood Lakers and they all gone missing. They never knew what happened to them. The towns people sent a helicopter, 10 guys and two trucks full of weapons but they all died too. So Brenda, Jess and Sean set some traps all around their tent so that no one could kill them. When Brenda and Sean woke up they saw Jesse's body laying on the tent dead so Brenda kept trying to get signal on her cell phone but it kept dieing on her. Sean pushed some of the traps out with a stick so that they could go out of Woodlakers.  When Brenda looked out of the tent, Sean got caught in the trap on accident. Brenda tripped on Sean and fell face forward on one of the traps. Her head got chopped off and she died. Sean had to pull his leg out off the trap and drag his self out of Wood lakers.

17 years later Sean got a nice job, he got mairred and had 5 kids. He never returned to Wood Lakers.


  1. Gosh. You made a gruesome story. Ewwwwwwwww. I love the final sentence showing Sean is living a good life.

    It will nice meeting you Sabrina. I will read your next story.

  2. Spooky, Sabrina, good job. I like suspense, mystery, and thriller stories.